Apartemen Eksekutif Menteng,
Tanjung Tower 9th Floor No. 1
Jl. Pegangsaan Barat,
Jakarta 10320
tel.: +62-21-392.2070
fax: +62-21-392.1686

Location Address:
Rumoh Le Guna (Community Home)
Jl. Banda Aceh – Meulaboh, KM. 12
Desa Lampaya Kec. Lhok Nga, Kab. Aceh Besar
Nangroe Aceh Darussalam
tel.: +62-651 740 17 27
fax.: +62-651 740 63 27


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History of Lambrineu Foundation

On 26 December 2004, an enormous earthquake just of the coast of Aceh Province in Indonesia caused a devastating Tsunami that affected coastal areas in Southeast Asia, India and Africa. International assistance and emergency efforts were immediately started, but initially focussed mainly on Sri Lanka and Thailand.  [read more]

Lambrineu Foundation Projects

Medical Clinic

During the first identification mission of Lambrineu to Aceh in February 2005, the need for a community-based medical clinic became clear. Contacts were established with Doctors without Borders, Unicef and the World Health Organization (WHO). At the same time, the Lambrineu Foundation received support and advice from the Dutch Rijnstate Hospital, providing financial and in-kind contributions to start operating the clinic as soon as possiblle.

Purpose of the Medical Clinic
The clinic now functions. In July 2005, Lambrineu’s local staff identified the local doctor of Lhok Nga and agreed that she would work as the doctor and medical coordinator as soon as the clinic was ready. This doctor, Mrs. Julinar, is widely known in the project area as she has always been the medical doctor in Lhok Nga until her clinic was destroyed by the tsunami. She indicated that even though Lhok Nga received a brand new hospital in July 2005 (as a donation), the area would only have medical services between 08.00 until 14.00 as it became a public service building after the construction. [read more]

Children Center

In November 2005, the Lambrineu Foundation, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the Children’s Centre (CC) of The Ministry of Women Empowerment (KPP) signed an agreement on the implementation of child protection in Lambrineu’s community home. After a community-based needs assessment and several discussions with Unicef, the roles, tasks and responsibilities of each party were finalized in a the MoU

Purpose of the Children Project
Through the agreement, the Lambrineu Foundation provides space and utilities in its community home for child care activities for children under 15 years old. Using the facilities of the foundation, its project partners Unicef and CC KPP will carry out the following tasks.  [read more]

Lambrine Communication Reports

Communication Report May 2008

Dear board members and donors,

Over the past years Lambrineu has successfully developed a lively Community Home (CH) and we have written and won several socio-economic development proposals with the goal to set up independent and viable community based activities for the people in Lhoknga. Currently the Community Home residence the following activities.... [read more]

Community-based projects in the Lhok Nga
sub-district, Aceh

One year after relief operations started in Aceh, reports in the media draw one main conclusion: the need for better coordination between NGOs and the community. According to aid workers the main lesson learned is that local communities have not been sufficiently consulted and involved in their projects. Including the community from the beginning would have made the projects more sustainable and adaptable throughout the process.

Perhaps due to its private sector background, the Lambrineu Foundation did see the importance of community involvement from the very start. Based on findings from an initial field visit right after the tsunami it decided to build a community home first, before even planning or beginning to implement more specific rehabilitation programs. The community home in Lampaya quickly became a place where community leaders would meet and discuss local needs with Lambrineu’s development experts.

A place where these needs were translated into project proposals, which were then submitted to potential funding agencies and donors, using the network of Lambrineu’s Board of Management. In a way, Lambrineu’s approach was that of a commercial consultant: listening to the needs of the client, find donors for the required budget, and implement the projects. As a result, the community home has now become a recognized development centre for the Lhok Nga sub-district harbouring a growing number of successful social and economic development programs

Rotary Club Brussel Coudenberg Public Advice International Foundation Indonesia Benelux Chamber of Commerce

Rotary Club Brussel Coudenberg Public Advice International Foundation