Background of Tasik Children's Foundation

A few years ago an Indonesian regional newspaper reported about a boy who committed suicide after he was taken from school. His parents could no longer afford to pay 3 Euros of monthly school fees. This drama was the start of the Tasik Children’s Foundation (TCF). Since 2003, the TCF sponsors children in need in Tasikmalaya, South-West Java Indonesia, with an annual drop out percentage of over 20%, TCF tries to keep children at school as long as possible. Successful children are assisted to University degree, and at University, the best English speaking student can win an internship in EU Brussels.

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Humanitarian Assistance for Tasikmalaya

In the past seven years the Tasik Children Foundation has devoted itself to repair schools and assist children and their families in Tasikmalaya in close Cooperation with the parents. We were devastated to learn of the earthquake of 2nd September 2009 that killed dozens of people and injured many more.

UNDP reported 82,000 people became roofless. There is an urgent need for clean water and emergency housing.

Thanks to European-Indonesian pipe water company PALYJA in Jakarta, water tank cars now assist with the provision of clean water. An effort is made to create a rotating water service system with several water companies.

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The Magnificent Kempinski Vienna Ball
Represents Cultural Bridge for Humanitarianism

Jakarta, 28 October 2009 – we are only two days away from the Kempinski Vienna Ball, a prestigious event proudly organized by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. The first ever Kempinski Vienna Ball will be held in Kempinski Grand Ballroom on October 30, 2009 with Her Imperial and Royal Highness (HIRH) Princess Gabriela
von Habsburg of Austria
as the Guest of Honour. To add cultural excitement, Marcela Cerno, another muse from Vienna who is famous for her reputation as operetta singer will join the event. Furthermore, among the distinguished guests will be Dewi Soekarno , former Environment Minister and current PA CSR Chairman Ir. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja and current Commissioner for External Affairs of the European Commission and Former Foreign Minister of Austria Mrs Benita Ferrero Waldner.

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Projects of Tasik Children's Foundations

Refurbishment of Schools:
The refurbishment of schools is done in a gotong royong spirit: together with the school board, parents and the local community. Funding is provided in such a way that the school will always participate in a small part of the funding. For example, should the refurbishment cost 30 million rupiah, TCF will pay the 20 million to 25 million and the rest comes from the school board and the local community. This way, the community, parents and the school board would also take responsibility in order to create ownership over the school.

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