Background of Tasik Children's Foundation

A few years ago an Indonesian regional newspaper reported about a boy who committed suicide after he was taken from school. His parents could no longer afford to pay 3 Euros of monthly school fees. This drama was the start of the Tasik Children’s Foundation (TCF). Since 2003, the TCF sponsors children in need in Tasikmalaya, South-West Java Indonesia, with an annual drop out percentage of over 20%, TCF tries to keep children at school as long as possible. Successful children are assisted to University degree, and at University, the best English speaking student can win an internship in EU Brussels.

In the past five years, TCF provided scholarship to over than 600 pupils from 38 schools in elementary, primary and secondary levels in Tasikmalaya, South West Java, Indonesia. The average funding required per year is IDR 162.000.000 (IDR 56.000.000 per semester) or USD 16,200. The scholarships are given in a transparent manner with no ‘KKN’. Any proposed scholarship has to be supported with Clarification letters from the Village Heads or local authorities stating that the listed/proposed children are indeed children in need. Upon receiving the clarification letters, funding is provided. In addition, the neediest pupils also receive funds for school uniforms and books.

In addition to scholarships, TCF also sponsors the following activities to assist development of education in Tasikmalaya:

  • Refurbishment of Schools
  • Other supporting education materials
  • Edgar Brood Academic Chair
  • Mashudi Prize Award
  • Communal Maintenance
  • Improvement/ Development of language skills among officials


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