Obituary Ir. Jumli Sumirno, MSc

JumliThis week-end Pak Jumli of Siliwangi University spent all of his time at heavily dilapidated schools in Tasikmalaya, South West Java. With educational budgets spent otherwise these schools cannot repair windows, holes in roofs, cracks in walls, schoolbooks, blackboards without help.

In the past ten years, almost every week-end, Jumli stepped on his motorbike, or into his legendary WWII jeep, to act as a human bridge between the powerless and the more affluent part of a burgeoning Indonesian society. He reported which schools, high in the mountains yet in the mud, needed support most. He knew most of the mothers, whose children are malnourished and do not stand a chance to lead a successful life unless somebody starts caring. He knew most of the heads of school, linking them together and providing them with perspectives.

He tirelessly stimulated his university to engage with civic society, improve its internationalist approach and assist SMEs to spread wings outside historic, cultural and geographic limitations. As a stipendium student of Ghent University in Belgium, he knew the final destiny of Indonesia’s 230 million people. It is in the group of the world’s best economic performers. The question for him was not whether Indonesia will get there, but when and how. In his academic work, and in his private hours, he demonstrated to be part of this growing army of young Indonesians who know that the country will not progress fast enough unless all have a chance to participate. On his return from a study trip from Australia he concluded that Indonesia’s rapidly growing earnings must not just trickle down, but poor down into an ever stronger middle class.

This morning Jumli stepped on his motorbike and had a fatal accident. Let it be the target of millions of young, caring Indonesians to take his place. Together with Jumli’s legacy they will build an inclusive and successful Indonesia.

Ir. Jumli Sumirno, MSc. was born in Cilacap on 13 February 1965. Following his study in Agriculture at University of Siliwangi in Tasikmalaya and Ghent University in Belgium, he was appointed as Lecturer and in 2004 as Head of International Cooperation at University of Siliwangi. In 2010, he started his doctorate degree program in University of Padjajaran in Bandung. He was a co-author of the European Commission sponsored study on economic and agricultural development in Tasikmalaya together with the renowned Wageningen University. He was critically involved in the Cervical Cancer Project in cooperation with Leiden University. Together with Goes Tasikmalaya, he started an awareness campaign for Thalasemia. At Siliwangi University, he was the head of the team preparing for the State university status. He was associated with the Tasik Children Foundation, Edgar Brood Academic Chair and the PA International Foundation in a decade long effort to repair heavily dilapidated schools and provide assistance to families and childrens below the poverty lined throughout Tasikmalaya. Some forty schools and hundreds of families will cherish his memory.

He survived by his wife, Rita, and his son Hilman Lazuardi and daughter Maria Manda.

The Magnificent Kempinski Vienna Ball
Represents Cultural Bridge for Humanitarianism

Jakarta, 28 October 2009 – we are only two days away from the Kempinski Vienna Ball, a prestigious event proudly organized by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. The first ever Kempinski Vienna Ball will be held in Kempinski Grand Ballroom on October 30, 2009 with Her Imperial and Royal Highness (HIRH) Princess Gabriela
von Habsburg of Austria
as the Guest of Honour. To add cultural excitement, Marcela Cerno, another muse from Vienna who is famous for her reputation as operetta singer will join the event. Furthermore, among the distinguished guests will be Dewi Soekarno , former Environment Minister and current PA CSR Chairman Ir. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja and current Commissioner for External Affairs of the European Commission and Former Foreign Minister of Austria Mrs Benita Ferrero Waldner.

The event is organized under the collaboration of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta,
the City of Vienna, the Ambassador of Austria – HE Klaus Woelfer , fashion designer Era Soekamto and with the great partnership of Mercedes - Benz, Etihad and Dos Hermanos. The lavish dance event will mark the effort to construct a complete emergency school in Cigalontang through PA International, a group of former Prime Ministers and Ministers that includes HIRH Princess Gabriela. The high school in cigalontang totally collapsed during the earthquake in Tasikmalaya.

The presence of HIRH Princess Gabriela von Habsburg - who is also famous as an International sculptor - will surely justify the Kempinski Vienna Ball as the most anticipated ball to be held this year. By coming to Indonesia, not only she wanted to express her support in introducing Austrian heritage, but also she wishes to highlight the relationship between culture and humanitarianism.

Unlike ordinary glamorous event, Kempinski Vienna Ball is also purposed as a social activity through auction. The Austrian Ambassador, HE. Klaus Woelfer endeavors to channel Austrian Government funding to Tasikmalaya school projects as Archduchess Gabriella will place one of her remarkable statue to be auctioned as well. Another items will be a luxurious trip worth of USD 15,000 to Abu Dhabi and Munich with Etihad Business Class and stay at Emirates Palace and Vier Jahrezeiten Kempinski Munich, a handmade humidor set of DOS HERMANOS worth of USD 2,000 and a one night stay at a luxurious and bullet proof Presidential Suite of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta worth of USD 12,000. The action money will go straight to recover the Cigalontang high school post the earthquake.

HIRH Princess Gabriela von Habsburg of Austria is the fourth children of Crown Prince Otto and the granddaughter of Charles I, last Emperor of Austria, who also shares passion towards art and cultural heritage. Her expertise revolve around sculpturing, such as stainless steel sculptures, stone printed lithography’s. Also known as Archduchess Gabriela of Austria, the Princess has a long list of art education and experience, has held several exhibitions in Europe, the United States and Central Asia. Some of her art pieces are being displayed in public places worldwide.
Operettas Marcela Cerno who is known for her expertise in hitting difficult notes will be another guest star during the lavish ball. During her career, she had took part in numerous opera shows such as “Abduction from the Seraglio”, “A Masked Ball”, “Tsar and Carpenter”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Tales of Hoffmann” and “Ariadne on Naxos.

General Manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Gerhard E. Mitrovits stated: “On behalf of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, it is an honor for me to welcome HIRH Princess Gabriela von Habsburg of Austria and Miss Marcela Cerno, who are being so kind to express their support on Kempinski Vienna Ball. This is also a great opportunity for Indonesia to share the richness of its cultural heritage and to learn more about Viennese tradition. The performance Marcela Cerno will bring different vibe to the guests with her outstanding voice that will take the audience to a whole different dimension of opera music.”

Future debutantes and their partners have lined up to prepare themselves in order to Make an unforgettable performance during the glamorous event. They will be occupied with five days in a row intensive dance practice lead by Heinz Heidenreich, Choreographer from Vienna who was also a principle dancer at the Vienna State Opera Ballet Company in year 1982 and currently works as a Choreographer, Production Manager and Assistant Director as well as an Organizer for special Viennese events in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, New York and Athens. The first Kempinski Vienna Ball will be one of the most elegant events to be held this year. The ball will start by the debutantes entrée spectacle, waltz by professional dancer which is accompanied by Vienna Strauss Orchestra, professionals Latin dance performance followed by Midnight Quadrille. Then the night will only be starting for dance lovers with Yeah Yeah Boys to spirit up the crowd to accompany various dances.

The graceful Kempinski Grand Ballroom will be transformed into a thick classic Viennese ambience of “Schonbrunn Palace”, a beautiful castle which is also the most significant cultural heritage of Austria. To match up the beautiful “Schonbrunn Palace”, Kempinski Grand Ballroom will be plastered with crystal chandeliers, huge mirrors and gilded ornaments, the surrounding will be decorated with Viennese most favorable place called “Heuriger”, cozy coffee shops located in many streets and small alley in the city of Vienna. The glamorous Kempinski Grand Ballroom is guaranteed to create a surreal feeling the beautiful and glamorous city of Vienna. As an appointed designer for Vienna Ball, Era Soekamto, the up and coming Indonesian designer who has designed many fabulous evening gowns has started creating number of spectacular gown for the debutantes. Era Soekamto is a successful Indonesian fashion designer with 11 years of experience in the fashion industry. Her theme for the Vienna Ball gown reflects the multi-faceted female character: they are strong, graceful, independent, slightly masculine yet sexy and elegant. Thus, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski entrusted the design of the ball gowns for the Vieena Ball Orchestra to her. All debutantes will also wear her designs during this night event exclusively held at Kempinski Grand Ballroom.

Editor’s Notes:
The Kempinski name is proudly borne by a growing collection of distinguished properties around the world. Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, Kempinski has built its reputation on the belief that exclusivity and individuality are key elements of true luxury. Each year, an increasing number of guests come to appreciate these qualities, as Kempinski adds new hotels and resorts in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. While this growth reflects the strength and success of the Kempinski brand, the collection will remain a limited one, where exclusivity can be nurtured and individuality can flourish.

As a valued private-sector member of the Stop TB Partnership, Kempinski is proud to support the Luis Figo Campaign to Stop TB through the distribution of campaign postcards in guest rooms, explaining how tuberculosis, if it is diagnosed and treated with effective medication, is curable. We share the Stop TB Partnership’s vision and goal of a TB-free world.

Kempinski is a member of the Global Hotel Alliance. Based on the airline alliance model, Global Hotel Alliance is the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands. GHA currently comprises Anantara, Cham, Dusit, Kempinski, Landis, Leela, Marco Polo, Omni, Pan Pacific, Parkroyal and The Doyle Collection, encompassing 180 upscale and luxury hotels in 43 different countries.

The Tasik Childrens Foundation ( is an initiative of PA International that sponsors HIRH Princess Gabriela’s visit to Indonesia ; the bank account of the TCF is BNI Tasikmalaya, acc. no. 0025461667.

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