Projects of Tasik Children's Foundation

Refurbishment of Schools:
The refurbishment of schools reflects gotong royong spirit: the school board, parents, the local community and TCF work and paint together. 10-90% of the funding is donated, the rest come from parents and local community. In cooperation with the Edgar Brood English Academic Chair, efforts are made to improve English education at secondary schools. Several times qualified English teachers are trained through EBAC, were added to schools. Local cooperation and ownership contribute to further cooperative projects, including a course on English or internet.

Other supporting education materials:
In addition, TCF supports schools in acquiring new books and building up libraries, purchasing computers and Audio Visual equipment, including headsets and providing or  constructing Sport Field facilities.

Edgar Brood Academic Chair:
The Edgar Brood Academic Chair Foundation (named after the late Dr. Edgar Brood, a Dutchman with a heart for Tasik, and sponsored by his family and friends and by PA International) assists in the funding of a full-time professor in English and IT at Siliwangi University in Tasikmalaya. Siliwangi University, with close to 10,000 students, is the centre for higher learning serving Tasikmalaya and the wide surrounding region, though a number of its students come from even further away. The university occupies seven hectares of pleasant, leafy campus grounds on the outskirts of the city. The recently established Edgar Brood Library, located in the Language Centre (Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Siliwangi) of the Department of English is an added resource for students provided by the Edgar Brood Academic Chair Foundation. This does not only benefit the university students. University personnel, local civil servants and entrepreneurs also follow courses to improve their knowledge of English and IT.

The Academic Chair was formally agreed and started operations in December 2003. Meanwhile hundred of courses onEnglish and IT were given to representatives of the Regency, the City and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). This privately funded foundation, which is chaired by Mrs. Ankje Brood in memory of her late husband, Dr. Edgar Brood, assists UNSIL with the further upgrading and institutionalising of special English language courses at all required levels.

Mashudi Prize Award:
To stimulate students to learn proper English, PA International and TCF annually award the Mashudi Prize – in commemoration of the late founder of Siliwangi University – to students that demonstrate the best proficiency in English. At the expense of PA International this student enjoys an internship at PA’s Brussels office for two months and makes side study trips to London, Paris and The Hague in order to further improve his or her English in an international environment and to get acquainted with the institutions and funding opportunities of the European Union.

Communal Maintenance:
TCF will continue to develop Indonesia to support schools to organise, mostly in cooperation with MUI / NU / Muhammadiyah, teams of parents that paint and regularly maintain the schools. The paint and all other materials are paid for by PA International. MUI / NU / Muhammadiyah are asked to provide guidance for assistance from their members and to organise regular maintenance teams.

Improvement/ Development of language skills among officials
New English language courses: Courses funded privately by Mr. Praaning in order to improve the level of English among senior civil servants and SME leaders. The first course of 3 months (3 afternoons per week) for over 60 civil servants ended in July 2004. Courses are taking place since the beginning of 2004. Several other courses, also for SME leaders, have started.

English courses for executives of MUI:
New English language courses:
Courses to improve the level of English among senior civil servants and SME leaders. The first course of 3 months (3 afternoons per week) for over 60 civil servants ended in July 2004. Meanwhile, several other courses including for SME leaders, have started.



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