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Ageing-related diseases: From Treatment to Prevention

On 30 June 2012, PA International and the Asian Population and Development Association held a conference on Ageing Related Diseases: from Treatment to Prevention. The event brought together representatives from academia, civil society, industry and Government to discuss ways in which elderly health can be improved through lifestyle interventions, such as boosting the nutritional quality of food products. By increasing the health and independence of the elderly, it is hoped that they would be physically able and psychologically willing to continue to contribute to the public life of Japan, a necessity in a rapidly ageing society. To encourage and celebrate the continued activity of the elderly, a new Award for Elderly Empowerment was presented at the Conference to the writer and activist Jakucho Setouchi.

Video Message from Jakucho Setouchi

Recipient of Award for Elderly Empowerment

      The Conference received the official endorsement of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. While Minister Yoko Komiyama was unable to attend, she did send a message of support which was read out during the opening of the event.  
      H.E. Mrs. Yoko Komiyama Opening Message  
      H.E. Mrs. Yoko Komiyama Opening Message (Unofficial Translation)  


With the support of

Prof. Satoshi Sasaki,

Department of Social and Preventive Epidemiology

School of Public Health, University of Tokyo

      Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare  
Association for Health Economics Research and Social Insurance and Welfare (ASIW)  
Japan NGO Council on Ageing