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1 March 2013, Jakarta

Dra Kustantinah and Dr Ratna Rosita Hendardji new Board Members of the PA International Foundation

Issues of Food Safety and Food Security gain in relevance every day. Consumers require protection against contaminated products and deceit while bonafide industries require regulatory and political support to compete with fraudulent producers or importers. Science based labeling and health claims are topical matters that are best served with international standards through public expert debates. This will provide Indonesian products access to foreign markets while Indonesian consumers are provided with optimal and reliable choice. The PA International Foundation and supporting companies are very pleased to announce the appointments of Dra Kustantinah, Apt, M.App.Sc and Dr. Ratna Rosita Hendardji, MPHM as new Board Members of PA International as of 13 February 2013.

Both top experts join a Board that already includes former Norwegian Health Minister Dr Werner Christie and Indonesian Presidential Public Health Adviser Prof Dr Widjaja Lukito. Among the Board Members and top advisers are former Indonesian Environment Minister Ir Sarwono Kusumaatmadja and former Belgian Prime Minister Prof Mark Eyskens who chairs PA International. Secretary General is Rio Praaning Prawira Adiningrat.

The PA International Foundation has contributed systematically to policy making in the EU and at UN level on the Combating of Malnutrition worldwide. Its reports and statements can be found on this website.

Dra Kustantinah, Apt, M.App.Sc.

Dra Kustantinah was the Chairperson of BPOM, the Indonesian Food and Drug Agency, from 2010 to 2012. Prior to this role she served as Director General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices at the Ministry of Health.  Before becoming Director General, Dra Kustantinah held several key positions in BPOM including Director of the Standardization of Traditional Medicine, Cosmetic and Complementary Products. She graduated as a Pharmacist from the University of Indonesia.

Dr. Ratna Rosita Hendardji, MPHM

Dr Ratna was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health from 2010 to 2012. Her impressive career includes several important positions in the Ministry of Health, including Advisor to the Minister of Health on Technology and Globalization. She graduated as General Practitioner from Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and earned a Master Degree in Primary Health Care Management from Mahidol University in Bangkok.

On these appointments Prof Eyskens comments: “Indonesia is forecast to be among the ten largest economies in the world. This implies that the following years will see a further strengthening of Indonesia’s food laws and regulations. Industries, consumer and patient organisations and science institutions will have to cooperate in multi-stakeholder platforms to chart the best way forward for all. PA is specialized in establishing and operating such initiatives. Our work on Combating Malnutrition has brought forward PPP/CSR-based food value chain models including new ‘launching platforms’. To do this optimally in Indonesia requires the experience, insights and contributions of Dra Kustantinah and Dr Ratna Rosita.”