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Video on the contributions and accomplishments of the PA Group, including PA International

PA International integrates its networks with those of its sponsoring companies in reaction to humanitarian disasters.

Not only in PA International, but also through the regional PA companies access to high offices of Government and corporate life is guaranteed. This is of particular value in times of crises when experts and materiel must be in situ as soon as possible. In times of confusion and chaos it can deliver know-how and management.

PA International has chosen to devote much of its resources to the largest Muslim nation of this world, the Republic of Indonesia.



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Dream Project


PA International Foundation has launched the ‘Dream Project’ to combat maternal and child malnutrition in Indonesia. The project combines a commercially successful Sinetron (soap) about a 14-year old girl fleeing her arranged marriage and experiencing all sides of Indonesian society, with a Game Show with major prizes for correctly SMSed answers to questions on nutrition. You can download a presentation on the Sinetron and the project Fact Sheet.


Oranda-jima Foundation
PA International is one of the initiators of the Oranda-jima Foundation that was established after the 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The Oranda-jima Foundation signed an agreement with the Mayor of Yamada-machi to construct an Afterschool House next to Funakoshi Elementary School. It is sponsored by mainly Dutch companies due to the historical Dutch presence in Yamada-machi since 1643.




Kofi Annan Business School Foundation

The Board and offices of PA International are providing their networks and services free of charge to the Kofi Annan Business School Foundation. This Foundation invites the most promising students and young professionals in the most isolated and underdeveloped areas of our world to take a degree at the best of the business schools in Europe and in North America, for free.

The first two business schools to open their doors for tuition towards MBA and BBA degrees are Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium and Hogeschool Utrecht in The Netherlands. Under the auspices of the Kofi Annan Business School Foundation they developed programs that will allow students and young professionals from the developing world not only to take degrees but also to have a year of practice in their country of origin while enjoying the fullest support through their school’s alumni organisations.

Being a ‘Kofi Annan Fellow’ for life, they will be greatly assisted with access to funding, markets and networks through this alumni approach. Chairman is Prof. Dr. Hans van Ginkel, formerly Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo.

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Tasik Children’s Foundation

Since 2003, the Tasik Children’s Foundation (TCF) has sponsored children in need in Tasikmalaya, South-West Java, Indonesia. With an annual school dropout percentage of over 20%, TCF tries to keep children at school as long as possible. Successful children are assisted to obtain a University degree, and at University, the best English speaking student can win an internship in EU Brussels.

In the past five years, TCF has provided scholarships to over 600 pupils from 38 schools in elementary, primary and secondary levels in Tasikmalaya. Besides this it has assisted school with the refurbishment of their buildings, provided books, computers and audiovisual equipment and constructed a sports field.

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Tasik Children's Foundation logo



Lambrineu Foundation

Following the Tsunami in South-East Asia in December 2004, PA International co-funded and managed the establishment of the Lambrineu Yayasan (Foundation) in Aceh, Indonesia in cooperation with Rotary Club Brussel-Coudenberg and the Netherlands-Belgian-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (INA) in Jakarta. With the financial and practical support of particularly Dutch/Indonesian companies a 500 m2 Community Home was built in less than 6 months.

It operated a dental, medical (with WHO), family reunion, child care (with UNESCO) and economic recovery unit (with UNDP), while constructing a new Ginger Factory, a new Organic Fertilizer Plant and clean water facilities (with Dutch water companies).

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Community Home, Aceh, Indonesia



Foundation The Netherlands-Sultanate of Oman

At the initiative of PA the Foundation The Netherlands-Sultanate of Oman (NEDO) was created to support activities in the areas of culture, sports, science and economy in order to contribute to the mutual understanding and friendship between the Peoples of The Netherlands and Oman.

In this framework the foundation regularly publishes the EurOman Magazine including overviews of noteworthy events in the relations between Oman and The Netherlands, particularly in the areas of education, culture and industry.

>> Download the Spring 2012 EurOman Magazine.



Cover of a recent EurOman magazine



Sultan Qaboos Academic Chair Foundation

To honor of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of Oman and to commemorate His Majesty’s 35-year reign, PA International and NEDO established the Foundation Sultan Qaboos Academic Chair.

With the appointment of Prof. Dr. Ruud Schotting, the Academic Chair for Quantitative Water Management in Semi-Arid Regions started its operations in September 2007 at the Roosevelt Academy of Utrecht University in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Sponsored by several international companies the Academic Chair researches and will propose solutions for water problems, particularly in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

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Logo Sultan Qaboos Academic Chair



PA CSR Academic Chairs for Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2007 the Indonesian Government passed a law on Limited Liability Corporations which includes a clause formally requiring companies and investors in natural resources to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. To date however, no implementing regulations have been drafted. Against this background, PA initiated the PA CSR Academic Chairs for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Through impartial research and analysis these Chairs, at Universitas Indonesia, Paramadina University and Gadjah Mada University, with inputs from the US, the European Union and Indonesia, may be able to develop win-win options for all stakeholders.

The Academic Chairs are held by

  • Professor Dr. Alexander Rinnooy Kan (The Netherlands) - Chairman of the Social and Economic Council of The Netherlands (SER)
  • Professor Dr. Roderick M. Hills (US) - Founder and Chairman of the Hills Program on Governance at CSIS
  • Ir. Sri Hartina Urip Simeon - former CEO and Chairman of PT Unilever Indonesia

The Chairs are coordinated by Prof. Dr. Margareth Gfrerer of Universitas Indonesia.

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UI Rector Prof. Dr. der Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, Dr. Hills, Dr. Rinnooy Kan



Edgar Brood Academic Chair

The Edgar Brood Academic Chair Foundation (named after the late Dr. Edgar Brood, a Dutchman with a heart for Tasik) assists in the funding of a full-time professor in English and IT at Siliwangi University in Tasikmalaya. The recently established Edgar Brood Library, located in the Language Centre (Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Siliwangi) of the Department of English is an added resource for students provided by the Edgar Brood Academic Chair Foundation. This does not only benefit the university students. University personnel, local civil servants and entrepreneurs also follow courses to improve their knowledge of English and IT.

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EBAC logo



Mashudi Prize Award

To stimulate students to learn proper English, PA International and TCF annually award the Mashudi Prize – in commemoration of the late founder of Siliwangi University – to students who demonstrate the best proficiency in English.

At the expense of PA International this student enjoys an internship at PA’s Brussels office for two months and makes side study trips to London, Paris and The Hague in order to further improve his or her English in an international environment and to get acquainted with the institutions and funding opportunities of the European Union.



A Mashudi Prize winner (in red) at Indonesian Embassy in Brussels at occasion of Indonesian National Day



Economic Development

In close cooperation with Siliwangi University in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia, and other local actors PA International has assisted in the production of an EU sponsored matrix study of the regional economy, the establishment of an institute for the promotion of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, and in the set up and management of the PT Tasik Development Company.

In consultation with the Asian Development Bank and National, Provincial and Regional authorities – while closely consulting with the public – plans are developed for the infrastructural opening of South Java, notably through the potential construction of several new ports on the basis of the European Union developed Short Sea Shipping approach.



Proposal for the development of a harbour in Cikalong, Indonesia



PA International initiates and/or continues to assist larger and smaller projects in China, Indonesia, Pakistan, The Netherlands and Belgium. It will broaden its scope to Russia and the Middle East soon.




Following the earthquake in Pakistan in October 2005, PA International and the Caritas Switzerland Foundation constructed a new school in Gul Dheri.



Children are being in taught in their new school in Gul Dheri