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The PA International Foundation's mission is to assist Governments and international or national institutions or enterprises in identifying and developing new approaches to trans-boundary, trans-cultural and high tech introduction problems. Particular attention is paid to the introduction and early use of CO2 emission reduction technologies.

PA International – and its sponsoring companies – avoid any illegal action, be it bribery, be it coercion.

PA International is particularly active following natural disasters in countries where it has offices. Through its network and access it could buy and build a steel tubes based Community Home in Lhoknga, Aceh, immediately after the tsunami. To date the Home serves as a basis for many follow-on projects. The Foundation built and rebuilt schools and emergency schools in Pakistan (Gul Dheri) and Indonesia (Cigalontang etc.) and operates a 25 persons language center in a rebuilt school in Baolin, Sichuan, China. Staff members of PA personally contribute to relief efforts.


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PA International works through a wide network of Elder Statesmen and former corporate leaders. Their demonstrated sense of Governance, unique experience and involvement may provide immediate advice and guidance for policy makers at crossroads.
Consequently, PA International does not intend to be another forum for debate. It is a high-level independent resource for those in charge who may need it wherever they are.

PA International is not-for-profit. The Foundation regularly provides free advice and support when there is a clear case of need.




PA International (co)established and (co)funds