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The answer by top advisers of PA Asia has come through the integration of their political and regulatory advisory services with their Corporate Social Responsibility experience and expertise. The requirement for investors and traders to understand local social and economic circumstances in order to resolve their issues with authorities without resorting to illegal practices has given birth to PA Asia’s trans-boundary, multicultural and multidisciplinary advisory practice. Our high level consulting teams continue to guarantee access at any level of decision making and our access to the media is second to none.

PA Asia has served over 50 Asian Governments and major multinational enterprises from China, the EU, Indonesia, Japan and the USA.



PA International Foundation
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The PA (Public Advice) International Foundation includes the most prominent former (Prime) Ministers, industrialists, environmentalists and CSR experts from all PA companies globally.

It initiated and implemented substantial humanitarian projects where PA offices are active (2005, Aceh, Indonesia; 2006, Gul Dheri, Pakistan; 2007, Yogja, Indonesia; 2008, Baolin, Sichuan, China; 2009, Cigalontang, Tasikmalaya, Indonesia) with the support of Unicef, WHO and UNDP and of many industries with interests in those regions.

It also organised major international conferences and high level workshops such as:

  • The West Java Infrastructure Summit
    18-19 August 2005 - with the Governor of West Java and Asian Development Bank (Bandung)
  • The International Roundtable Conference on Food Safety: International Trade, Sustainable Production, Social Responsibility
    1 March 2008 - with United Nations University (UNU) and The Tokyo Foundation (Tokyo)
  • The International Forum on Food Safety and Ecological Safety: New Regulations, New Technologies, New Opportunities
    21-22 June 2009 - with UNU, IESCO and CFIS (Beijing)
  • The workshop on Food Law and Infant Formula
    18 May 2009 - with The Royal Danish Embassy (Beijing)
  • The conference on Corporate Social Responsibility
    30 June 2009 - with Universitas Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • The seminar on Sustainability in Food and Wine Production
    28 July 2009 - with Yamanashi University in Yamanashi Prefecture (Japan)

Each of these conferences had a profound impact on the political, regulatory and media environment. Dozens of headlines on television, hundreds of articles in national, international and trade press, thousands of internet references and formal reports by (inter)national authorities ensure that all interested parties have access to the content. The participation of all concerned stakeholders – Ministers, Directors General, CEOs, patient organisations, consumers, media – secure balanced and usable analysis and implementation approaches.



In 2008 PA CSR Ltd (Corporate Social Responsibility) was established. This company advises foreign investors in Asia on CSR strategies and implementation. It promotes that regulatory matters, access, aid, and regional/local development issues are handled in an integrated and smooth way with optimal societal and media support.