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PA CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
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Who are the advisers?

Ir Sarwono Kusumaatmadja is a man of the highest integrity. He served the Indonesian Government three times: as Minister of Environment, of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, and of Administrative Reform. He chairs and supports many NGOs and combines his access, insights and strategic understanding as Chairman of PA CSR Jakarta. His team solves regulatory and other problems of foreign investors through a typical win-win approach, ensuring that sustainable and long term profitabilities are guaranteed for both society and industry. This automatically excludes corruption in any shape or form. It improves the image of the industry involved. It contributes to the motivation of the industry’s staff. Last but not least, shareholders and top managements love it.

Ir Sarwono leads a team of high level advisers and on the ground practitioners. Among these are Drs Elmar Bouma (project management), Prof Margaret Gfrerer (research), Meta Silvyani, Silvana Paath, Yuce Siti Maria and Rio Praaning Prawira Adiningrat (strategy). They work with local teams led by experts with longstanding ties with PA CSR. 



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Both advice and operational support

PA never limits itself to research based advice only. We stand shoulder to shoulder with a client in the field. We help establish local projects. Through the PA International Foundation (www.PA-International.org) we attract additional funding. We help create the win-win that allows local society to deliver on a sustained basis services and products that an investor actually requires. We help build a business plan for a local operation while this business plan is ‘organically’ integrated with the business plan of the investor. That is what makes the approach sustained. And win-win. And Corporate.

Last but not least, we help write reports on a company’s CSR activities. In cooperation with Bureau Veritas we see to it that whatever is published or claimed is correct.