Emerging CSR definition: "Corporate Social Responsibility starts where all existing laws and regulations end; it is an organic link between enterprising, profit-making and social development that is conducted as a win-win solution in areas where a company requires something from society that cannot be bought and requires investment through a DOUBLE business plan: one for the company and one for society."



PA CSR uses the enormous experience and penetration capacity of its senior Board Members and Advisers to advise investors and industries in virtually any sector to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility.



New Developments

In July 2007 the Indonesian Government passed a law on Limited Liability Corporations that includes a clause requiring companies and investors active ‘in natural resources’ to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. But to date no implementation regulation has been drafted. The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce KADIN took the matter to court. On 15th April 2009 the Constitutional Court ruled to uphold the mandatory CSR as formulated in Law no. 40 of 2007. Then KADIN Chairman Mohamad S. Hidayat is now Minister of Industry. This indicates the dichotomy of the Indonesian Government that experiences pressure by regional authorities to use this Law as an additional form of income.

The Danish Government has indicated that companies investing in Indonesia should engage in CSR.

The Norwegian Government considers to use CSR approaches to strengthen the role of women in Japanese society. Some argue that this can only be done through corporations and not by a Government institution.

The highest echelons of politics in China have expressed increasing interest in CSR. This has led several Chambers of Commerce in Beijing to engage in specific CSR activities and platforms. In many cases PA CSR has been requested to assist.