Emerging CSR definition: "Corporate Social Responsibility starts where all existing laws and regulations end; it is an organic link between enterprising, profit-making and social development that is conducted as a win-win solution in areas where a company requires something from society that cannot be bought and requires investment through a DOUBLE business plan: one for the company and one for society."


How do we help?

We would not dare advise anyone if we would not do it ourselves from our own income:

- through immediate action after disasters in countries where we are represented;

Community Home, Aceh School in Gul Dheri, Pakistan
- through the establishment of the Tasik Children’s Foundation  (www.tasikchildrenfoundation.org)
Painting schools in TasikmalayaHanding out school fees in Tasikmalaya

- through the establishment of the Kofi Anan Business School (pictures handing out diploma’s)  (www.kofiannanbusinessschool.org )

- and  through the Sultan Qaboos Academic Chair for Quantitative Water Management (www.sqac.org).


Neither would we dare advise you without sound research. Just google ‘CSR’:  that is the best way to get very confused. So we established the PA CSR Academic Chairs.


PA CSR agreed with three of Indonesia’s best universities to do practical research:

  • Universitas Indonesia
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • Universitas Paramadina

Why in Indonesia? Because this is the only country that includes a requirement for industries to engage in CSR in law.

Is this relevant for other countries? Yes of course. So PA CSR cooperates with the United Nations University in Tokyo.  Prof Dr Vesselin Popovski, Director of Studies, is in the Chair’s Board of Trustees. Discussions have started to establish a PA CSR Academic Chair in other countries where PA CSR delivers its services.