International Conference and Launching of
Academic Chair for Corporate Social Responsibility
“From Theory to Practice”

On June 30th 2009, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Indonesia (FEUI) and consulting firm PA CSR Ltd will hold an international conference on Corporate Social Responsibility at

Auditorium S. Soeria Atmadja, FEUI, at 09.00 hours to launch the Academic Chair program on CSR featuring four distuingished lecturers from both Indonesia and overseas.

In close consultation with UI, PA CSR Ltd proposed to appoint Prof. Dr. Alexander Rinnooy Kan, currently Chairman of the Social-Economic Council (SER) of the Netherlands Government, former Vice Chairman of ING Bank and former Rector Magnificus of Erasmus University in Rotterdam; Mr. Roderick M. Hills, Esq., a leading global expert in corporate governance and former Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Ibu Sri Urip, Former President of Unilever Indonesia. They will cooperate with an appointee of Universitas Indonesia.

The initiative of the Academic Chair on CSR coincided with the enactment of Indonesian Law No. 40/2007 which requires investors in extractive industries to engage in CSR activities. Considering that no implementing regulations have been drafted and considering a global requirement to define what CSR should be and do, both FEUI and PA CSR felt that academia is the best environment to come up with a CSR concept that is both deeply intellectual and practical.


The three non UI professors are chosen precisely due to their different backgrounds, whether in terms of nationality, academic or profession. CSR by definition is not a monolithic idea and it is connected to many crucial areas such as governance, business strategy, environmental and stakeholders management as well as politics. The expected robust intellectual exchange between them and with the students at the FEUI as well as with other stakeholders will surely contribute to the attainment of a comprehensive understanding of CSR, which is destined to help alleviate poverty.

The Academic Chair on CSR is also supported by the United Nations University (UNU) and the Indonesian Netherlands Association (INA). Together with sponsoring industries, they will be represented in the Chair’s Board of Trustees.

The conference will be divided into two sessions: the official inauguration session and lectures in the morning and a roundtable debate with representatives from all major stake-holders in the Indonesian CSR dialogue. Among the moderators and discussants are the following: Prof. Gunawan Sumodiningrat, MEc.,PhD, Expert Staff to the Minister of Social Affairs (Depsos), Mr. Achmad Daniri of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Mr. Priyo Pribadi Soemarno of the Indonesian Mining Association (IMA) and Mr. Dipnala Tamzil of the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA).

The conference will be attended by Ambassadors, diplomats, and senior representatives of Government Departments, universities and civic organizations. This event is a unique opportunity for all CSR stakeholders to share their experiences and concerns and also to convey their agenda to policy makers, most importantly in the midst of the Presidential Elections.

Notes for Editors: For further information on the above projects, you may contact:

  1. Mr. Rio D. Praaning Prawira Adiningrat,, PA CSR Ltd., (Tel. +62 21 392 2070, Fax +62 21 392 1686, e-mail: rdp@pa-csr.com)
  2. Bapak Dr. Firmanzah, PhD, Dean of the FEUI (Tel/Fax. +62 21 78880139, e-mail: dekan@fe.ui.ac.id)

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