Indonesia's Young Entrepreneurs Competition (IYEC) 2011

The PA CSR Academic Chair, works with different Indonesian universities on issues including CSR, leadership and entrepreneurship. Besides joint research work, the Academic Chair equally aims to provide Indonesian students with the possibility to grow into the international academic sphere. Therefore the Academic Chair sets out to organize the ‘Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Competition’, a student competition in the different economic and business disciplines under the umbrella of PA CSR. For all competitions we select ‘master institutions’ to patronize the event. With regards to the entrepreneurship discipline the Kofi Anan Business School (KABS) is the patron to the event while Prasetya Mulya Business School will be organizing and hosting the conference in cooperation with partner universities.

Indeed, the Indonesian university landscape shows that the reputation of an institution matters when deciding to cooperate with it. The idea of the student competition is to overcome such prejudices by offering a floor to all students to perform at their best and to get awarded with respect to their performance and not their institutional background.

The students' performance will be evaluated by lecturers from various universities. The papers will be reviewed by at least 2 (neutral) lecturers and the subsequent presentation will be evaluated by a jury, which will be composed of at least 4 (neutral) lecturers.

Please click to learn more about the guidelines for the students conference, and to learn more on the concept note of the student’s conference and IYEC posters for more information.