‘Savitri’: A tale of love and commitment by Pandecwara, supported by Office of Special Envoy on MDGs to the President RI and PA CSR Indonesia

Office of Special Envoy on MDGs to the President and PA CSR Indonesia are supporting the 35-year anniversary celebration to increase awareness and participation of Indonesian women in increasing nutritional status and in combating malnutrition as well as decreasing the maternal mortality.

There are close to 8 million children of Indonesia who are stunted due to malnutrition, 228 women in every 100.000 births died during delivery, there are even more than 50% of household without proper sanitation. Your support for this performance will also critically help efforts towards accelerated actions in attaining Millennium Development Goals in Indonesia.

SAVITRI” of Retno Maruti strongly represents the strength and the perseverance of woman, critical to the development of a family especially of children.

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