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High-Level Roundtable on Global Infrastructure Investment Strategy: Integrated All-Stakeholder Road to Profitability and Peace
Wednesday 24 February 2016
Belgian Senate, Brussels

On 24 February 2016 a unique Ministerial-level multi-stakeholder conference took place in the Belgian Senate in Brussels, presided over by Industrial Dialogue Group Co-Chairmen Prof. Mark Eyskens, former Prime Minister of Belgium, and Mr. Willem Van Twembeke, Executive Vice-President of ENGIE.

The conference highlighted the views both from emerging economies and investors. Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Resources Dr. Rizal Ramli, presiding over a 57 billion USD infrastructure budget, called on the European Union to differentiate its current China-focused strategy into a true Asia strategy. Highlighting Indonesia’s prioritizing of an EU-Indonesia free trade agreement he pleaded for an adequate EU approach partnering with national/local industries ensuring an adequate balance between funding and investment offers.

Read the full brief report here (PDF). An elaborate report will be available soon.

Some speeches available for downloading:
Background documents:
  • Conference program
  • Report of the 8 October 2014 High Level Seminar Report on Long Term Lending to EU Industries Inside and Outside the European Union
  • The Industrial Dialogue Group; background and purposes overview
  • An Opportunity for European Jobs and Growth - Report on the Results of the European Infrastructure Investment Elite Poll
  • Memo ‘Global Change: Infrastructure investment is Key’