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PA Europe’s services are tailored and integrated. Unique networks, experience, knowledge, research and analysis are seamlessly combined in stakeholder/content driven reports and rapidly implemented operational plans. After one month of deep and rapid research and immediate yet careful intervention on behalf of a client, PA Europe assists with the implementation of a time-lined operational plan that must – in time – lead to success. 

Individual industries or groups of companies are assisted with regulatory market access or improvement. This may imply adaptation or even temporary de-activation of laws and regulations.



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  Through the new Centre for European Political/Practical Excellence (CEPPE) PA Europe provides Chief Executive Officers in Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland  early insights and suggestions for effective high level action to steer off negative regulatory tendencies that neither promote economic, technological and industrial progress nor truly protect consumer’s interests. The Economist Intelligence Unit and BNP Paribas Fortis joined forces with PA Europe to focus at hard facts and optimal use of networks: this helps CEOs formulate timely and smart action.