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PA Russia was established in 2004.

The Russian Public Affairs market is only beginning to open. As in China, in the Gulf and throughout Asia the unique PA approach includes primary care for the domestic desires and designs. On that fundament, a win-win position for both sides of the divide is created.

Society and politics in Russia are neither similar to those in the European Union, nor are they reminding of the Soviet past. The practice of Government and business operations and the representation of interests of both indigenous and foreign groups are in transition. Consequently, predictability and transparency of decision making processes are difficult items, even for Russians that are part of the process.

On the basis of correct and helpful positions taken by PA Russia and its advisers, including very senior former policy makers and advisers with unparalleled experience in Government and enterprises, often unexpected problems are solved in a correct and mutually beneficial way.

Through research and intensive dialogues, PA Russia has a demonstrated track record of guiding clients to success in even the worst types of weather.     

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